Professional Experience
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SWC Technology Partners

Working with SWC Technology Partners has allowed me to learn so much about the IT industry and how it is the backbone of many of the technologies we all use every day. I've been able to greatly improve my inside sales skills including vocal qualities, workflow automation, being a valuable resource to potential clients and using phone, email and social to build these relationships. I'm continuously learning more about LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Hubspot CRM & Sales tools as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Working with the people at SWC Technology partners makes every day a great experience. 

Purdue Exponent

My time at the Purdue Exponent has really been an invaluable experience that has greatly affected my future in a positive way. I enjoyed my time here while also working hard and beating personal goals. I felt valued when I would frequently receive salesperson of the week and month. I improved so much about my sales skill and how to connect with clients who are unique from one another. My sales quota was raised every month from the time I started until I left but I managed to beat it almost every single month. I became even more organized during my time here as I needed to in order to track so many clients and stages in the sales process. 

Branch Manager
​Student Painters

Being completely responsible for every decision in running my own business was the most challenging and rewarding opportunity I have had. I learned to handle large amounts of stress while still staying focused on the task at hand. I was responsible for everything from sales and marketing to hiring and paying employees. I personally sold over $55,000 and had up to 12 employees at any time. I learned how to interview people with the right questions and what to look for. I learned how to create structure and teamwork.


Working for this great company is a fond time period of my life as I got to meet so many amazing people, both customers, and employees. Of any place that I have worked, Menards taught me the most about customer service and really listening to a prospect's needs. I worked in sales in the building construction department where I was in charge of estimating product needed and selling products to individuals or companies. 

SSIP Insurance Partners

Working for a summer at SSIP Insurance Partners soliciting Life Insurance was a great learning experience in how to professionally talk about touchy subjects such as death and family well-being. I learned quite a lot about how insurance works and how important it can be. I learned how to help clients feel comfortable around me and show them that they can let their guard down and talk to me like a friend. I learned a lot about integrity in sales and how important it is that people can trust you. 

Buckalew Hospitality

Having a professional relationship with Buckalew Hospitality has opened so many opportunities for learning. Buckalew is a hospitality company which staffs different types of events depending on the client's needs. I worked once at the airport helping to escort young children from their arrival terminal to safety with the group they were to join. I also worked another very large event where I was responsible for helping executives to feel comfortable and facilitate conversation between them. 
Leadership Experience

President Purdue Salsa

Being president of Purdue Salsa Club, one of Purdue Universities largest organizations, was a huge challenge and a huge learning experience. I was responsible for ensuring the other officers in our team could successfully do their job. Many of the people that I worked with were older than I am and had been involved in the organization for a long time so it was important that I really sold my ideas. I learned to facilitate teamwork between very dynamic groups of people and how to not try to do everything myself. 

Team Leader CSR 309

Being voted to lead 24 students through a unique leadership course while also being responsible for a considerable part of their grades, was a great learning experience. I had to speak publicly in front of around 300 of my peers and at times convince them of my ideas and why they should follow my leadership. It was really a unique experience leading those in my own age and peer group. What I learned in this course will affect my professional career for the rest of my life. 

President/founder Purdue Getfit Club

Founding and being president of Purdue GetFit Club was a huge challenge and I learned a lot about how much I needed to learn at the time. PGFC was not my most successful endeavor but I learned a great deal that was transferred into future things that I have done and made me a better leader. I learned what types of marketing methods sound great on paper but don't actually work. I learned how valuable really just working hard is. I learned the importance of balance between effort and efficiency. 
Volunteer Experiences

Volunteering at PAWS Chicago

Volunteering at PAWS Chicago is a really rewarding experience since I get to meet other volunteers, help adorable dogs find their new home, and feel that I'm making a difference in the community. PAWS is very easy to work with as they are very flexible with schedule and extremely organized. The biggest challenge with PAWS is not leaving with a puppy!!!

Volunteering at Meals on Wheels

Volunteering at the non-profit company Meals on Wheels, was really nice as I got to meet very nice elderly people with a lifetime worth of stories to tell. I drove my car around in different routes to deliver food to elderly people or those with disabilities.  I learned how to communicate with people who might have a hard time hearing or understanding me as well as how a non-profit company functions. It was important that I stayed on schedule at the right pace in order to fulfill all deliveries on time. 

Volunteer English teacher in Poland

This really wasn't so much a teaching experience as it was an educational one for me. I volunteered for a program in Podgoryzn Poland which covered my hotel stay for the week and delicious meals in exchange for helping Polish participants to improve their spoken English. Aside from meeting some of the most incredible people I've ever met and life-long friends; I learned so much about the English language and how difficult it really is. I also learned creative ways to teach people to learn as efficiently and quickly as possible. Many people asked if I had a teaching background but really I just enjoyed the experience so much and the great feeling of knowing you have impacted someone in a positive, lasting way.
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