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I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to study in Aarhus Denmark for six months at Aarhus Universitet. Denmark was one of the most memorable periods of my life as I got to know a ridiculous number of really interesting and great people from around the world. Being a small country I got to visit a lot of parts of Denmark including the most northern tip, called Skagen which is incredibly beautiful. Aalborg, Denmarks fourth largest city is a really unique place as well and I can see it growing a lot in the next few years. Aalborg has a street called Jomfru Ana Gade, which might be the most famous street in Denmark. I enjoyed visiting Copenhagen as well several times, but for me, it was a very busy and touristy city. Aarhus felt like a home and had tons and tons of events each week. Aarhus Denmark is the second largest city after Copenhagen but I would highly recommend spending some time here alongside CPH.
  1. Aalborg Denmark
    Aalborg Denmark
    Jomfru Gade Street, possibly Denmarks most famous street.
  2. Aarhus Denmark
    Aarhus Denmark
  3. Viking Burial Grounds
    Viking Burial Grounds
    Aalborg Denmark
  4. Jomfru Gade Street
    Jomfru Gade Street
  5. Copenhagen Denmark
    Copenhagen Denmark
  6. Old Church Copenhagen
    Old Church Copenhagen
  7. Typical number of bikes
    Typical number of bikes
  8. Description
  9. Marselisborg Castle
    Marselisborg Castle
  10. Marselisborg
  11. Skagen Denmark
    Skagen Denmark


Iceland is just stunningly beautiful. Iceland has a very raw, natural beauty everywhere you go. I went with some flatmates of mine and rented a campervan which I highly recommend. If you need recommendations feel free to message me. The local people in Iceland were incredibly friendly though I didn't get to meet many of them since its cold. It is really cool to see untamed horses along the roads and all the beautiful mountains and peaks right outside your window. There are some amazing natural hot springs you can take a swim in ( I recommend others beside the Blue Lagoon, since it is so touristy and you have a limit for how long you can be). I didn't try Blue Lagoon however so maybe it's worth trying once. If you are driving in Iceland, be careful as the locals commonly park in the middle of the high-speed roads. 
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Amsterdam is the most interesting city I've been to. There are tons of things to do and a lot of energy. It feels like there are no rules or organization for bicycle and car traffic; maybe people just go with their gut on when to drive through intersections :P It is amazing to see so many bikes everywhere and how relaxed the country is in general but Holland functions incredibly well as a society I think. Amsterdam is tons of fun and has so much history. 


All of Sweden is beautiful to drive through and of course, the local people are beautiful too :P My favorite part of Stockholm was visiting the Vasa museum which is dedicated to a huge ship (it's really cool history but more than I want to go into here). The "old town" Island Gamla Stan is really cool and very European so check it out. 


Poland has been one of my favorite European countries. Poland is full of friendly, modest people and culture. I spent the majority of my time here in Wroclaw Poland (pronounced vrahts-wahf). Wroclaw is a favorite city of mine and was the European capital of culture for 2016. Wroclaw has a great deal of history and I would highly recommend taking a tour here. There are also tons of gnomes all over the city; yes gnomes google it and you'll see what I mean.
  1. Centennial Hall
    Centennial Hall
    Wroclaw Poland
  2. Christmas Market
    Christmas Market
    Wroclaw, Poland Culture Capital of Europe 2016

Angloville Program 2016

Angloville is an incredible language immersion program. Generally, english-speaking travellers volunteer and are accepted to help the program participants to improve their spoken English. This was one of the best experiences of my life and I would highly recommend looking into Angloville. I had the chance to be as creative as possible in helping each person to learn in their own way while having conversations about every topic you could think of. We all became so close over the course of one week and everyone here made friendships with so many smart, funny, interesting people.
  1. My very special mentee Agnieska
  2. All of the Angloville Family

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is such a beautiful city with great architecture and a lot of history. Because of it's location in Germany there is a constant flow of travellers stopping through Hamburg on the way to other destinations. If you are able to visit during December there is a really nice Christmas market. Hamburg is also a pretty popular city to go shopping. 
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