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      My name is Zachary Ballard but most people call me Zak. I attended Purdue University and bleed black and gold. I am currently living in Chicago and working at an amazing tech startup I enjoy working at, called ShipBob. I am a Sr. Business Development Rep, an internet entrepreneur and a photographer.
      I feel alive when I am challenging myself and my ways of thinking. I feel a continuous drive to do things that take me out of my comfort zone as I feel this is where the best life-experiences and self-growth come from. I think it's important to not have a rigid view of oneself so that you can be open to new experiences you might never have thought you'd try.
      The best life experiences I have had, have been while traveling! The best part of traveling is all of the interesting and amazing people that I get to meet! I absolutely enjoy meeting and talking to as many people as I possibly can. I enjoy talking with anyone regardless of who they are or how different we may be. I take pride in having friends from many cultures and parts of the world. People are my passion.
      In my free time, I enjoy photography, riding my motorcycle, and doing anything outside like hiking, camping, or trying something new like hang gliding in Los Angeles. I enjoy cooking and trying new kinds of cuisines. I like to read, usually self-improvement or business books. I also like to read anything written by people I meet, I find it a fascinating way to get to really know someone. I also like to write and will share publicly in the future. I enjoy working on cars as well as taking trips on my motorcycle. I am working on a stand-up comedy performance, just for fun, but it's a goal of mine. 

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